Spring Cookie Packaging Designed for More Smiles and More Sales

Spring Cookie Packaging Inspiration for Cookiers

Spring is a busy holiday season, especially for cookiers! There are plenty of things to celebrate—and everyone loves an adorable sweet treat. 

Getting organized for the spring rush is key, and we're here to help at Miss Cookie Packaging! We've pulled together our favorite packaging options from our spring lineup for the biggest upcoming cookie-worthy occasions.

In 2024, here are the dates of some of the most popular US holidays for cookie sales:

Nurse Appreciation – May 6, 2024

Teacher Appreciation – May 7, 2024

Mother’s Day – May 12, 2024

Father’s Day – June 16, 2024

Graduation – Dates Vary, May-June, 2024

Prepare to plan your spring cooking packaging, boost your sales, and make celebrating easy, fun, and oh-so-sweet for your customers. 

Nurse Appreciation

Especially over the last few years, we've all come to appreciate how incredible nurses are! Whether you are filling custom orders for nurse appreciation or want to offer some individual options for families to gift to their favorite school and practice nurses, we have you covered.

RX Stand-up Pouches

As we note right on the pouch, the side effects of these adorably packaged treats are sure to involve extreme feelings of happiness and joy! Fill these pouches with mini cookies, a few full-sized cookies, dunker cookies and frosting, a paint-your-own cookie, or even handmade candies or other treats. 

Stethescope & Heartbeat Backers

Our double-sized, food-safe backer makes it easy to elevate the presentation of your nurse appreciation cookies this spring! Just slip this into a clear poly bag, heat-seal the top, and add a pre-tied bow and coordinating tag for a gift that any nurse would be delighted to receive. 

Teacher Appreciation

Coming up with creative teacher appreciation gifts every year is no small feat. So many parents want to celebrate their children's teachers meaningfully—but they know another mug isn't the answer! 

If you want to be a true hero and help your customers feel organized, prepared, and proud of their gifts, we’ve done the math and found the answer:

Your Beautiful Cookies + Our Adorable Packaging = Teacher Appreciation Success!

We have multiple products to make thanking teachers easy—from our New Countdown to Summer cookie calendars, cookie pouches and greeting cards to several designs of greaseproof backers. Here are a few of our favorite teacher appreciation packaging options

8-Day Countdown to Summer Cookie Calendars

Our brand new countdown to summer calendars don’t just make the perfect gift for kids and teachers alike! Help your clients celebrate the teachers in their life with these unforgettable and super cute calendars, ready to fill with your summer-inspired decorated mini cookies.

Donut & Coffee Greaseproof Backers

This double-sided, food-safe backer was designed to accommodate 4 to 5 mini cookies! It looks adorable simply heat-sealed into a clear poly bag with a pre-tied bow. Or, to keep goodies extra-safe in backpack transit, slip everything into one of our clear 2.75" x 9.75" boxes!

“Lunchbox Snacks” Stand-Up Pouches

These resealable cookie pouches are perfect for teachers, administrators, crossing guards, bus drivers, and any school professionals who want to enjoy sweet snacks now and save some for later. You can fit around 4–6 mini cookies (or 1 large cookie) per pouch!

One Smart Cookie Pizza Box

This irresistibly cute box makes a single decorated cookie look oh-so-special! It’s sturdy, covered in sweet sayings, and utterly giftable!

Mother’s Day

Most days moms are busy making the magic, so it's extra special to offer your customers easy, beautiful ways to celebrate them each May! This year, we have brought back some of our most popular Mother’s Day cookie packaging—plus two brand-new designs we know you'll love.

Mother’s Day Cookie Basket

Your customers will be delighted by this sweet presentation! Our Mother’s Day cookie basket is made of food-safe, recyclable paperboard and is oh-so-cute filled with flower or heart cookies to gift to moms, grandmothers, or anyone who fulfills that mothering role!

Mother’s Day Floral Cookie Greeting Card

Why give Mom a typical card when you can present her with this beautifully designed one featuring a thoughtful poem and a yummy surprise? The card opening easily fits one full-size or three to four mini heat-sealed cookies!

Mother’s Day Spring Floral Cookie Boxes (Large and Small)

We love the simple beauty of a printed cookie box and we know your customers will too! This spring, check out our two sizes of spring floral boxes, each featuring a clear window to show off your treats. Pair these boxes with one of our custom designed tags for an extra special presentation.

Father’s Day

There are a few things we know dads love: cookies and being celebrated! We also know how hard it can be to buy for some dads and granddads. That’s why we love offering you creative ways to package up Father’s Day goodies, making it simple for your customers to show the dads in their lives that they care!

Father’s Day Greaseproof Backer

We always print our backers double-sided, so you have options, and your products look amazing from any angle. We designed this sturdy, Dad-themed backer to fit inside our 3" x 12" and 3" x 13" clear poly bags or our 2.75" x 9.75" clear boxes.

Father’s Day “Dad Joke” Cards

We have the solution if you're looking for a super-fun, low-cost way to package some Father's Day treats. Order a few sets of our simple-to-use Dad Joke Mini Cards! Each full-color joke card is sized to be the perfect backdrop for a heat-sealed decorated 2" mini cookie. Use double sided tape or glue dots to affix the heat sealed cookie to the card.

Father’s Day Cookie Caddys

You can fill this Father’s Day cookie caddy any way you’d like—full-size decorated cookies, beverages, snacks, lottery tickets, other small gifts, or a mix! It’s sure to be a gift dads, stepdads, or grandfathers will be delighted to receive.


Graduation season is coming, and there's no better way to celebrate than with creatively packaged graduation cookies! We are incredibly excited to offer brand-new cookie calendars and surprise calendars in graduation designs this year.

Graduation Cookie Calendar

We’re launching this new design just in time to celebrate the graduates in your life. Each calendar features a fun, festive design and spots for eight treats to open in the days leading up to graduation day.

Class of 2024 Cookie Greeting Card

Cookie greeting cards are ideal for graduation gifts, gift toppers, or party favors. This card is designed to fit one full-size or three to four mini-size decorated cookies. Your customers will love giving these fun, creative cards to all the grads in their lives!

Do you have lots of new ideas swirling around for spring cookie packaging?

We hope so! Remember to order early for the best selection. Domestic orders of $75 or more get free shipping, so be sure to stock up on your basics—from clear poly bags to boxes, stretch loops, and bows—to make the most of your order.

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