Cookie Advent Calendars

New 12 & 24 Day Cookie Advent Calendars!

The calendars have been designed specifically to fit most mini sized cookies that are 2″ to 2.25″ on their longest edge.

Each calendar is approx. 9 5/8″ wide x 12 3/4″ tall. The 12 day is 1 1/8″ deep and the 24 day is 2 1/4″ deep when closed. If you ship your cookies – one calendar will fit in a USPS Priority Medium Flat Rate Box.

Each calendar opens like a book and has numbered perforated doors. There are white food-safe trays inside that hold the cookies in place.

The calendars will be sold in groups of 20 with the option to purchase as many groups of 20 as you’d like!

You provided feedback last year — and I listened! I made the updates listed below to the 24 Day Cookie Advent Calendar to make the Advent Calendar even better!

  • Days 1-12 are grouped together on one side, and days 13-24 are grouped together on the other side. This will make it so much easier for your customers to freeze the cookies, if they choose to do so!

  • The inside tray is deeper – it’s now 1″ deep. (Last year it was 3/4″ deep). If you make your minis on the thicker side, you’ll love the slightly deeper tray! This tray change did not change the overall dimensions of the box.

  • The door on the right has 2 tabs instead of 1!

  • And last but certainly not least — New Graphics!